Services and rates for: acoustic guitars, electric guitars, mandolins, banjos, and tube amps.

For hourly rates or quotes on a specific project please call Tim at 303-717-4624

Setups & General Maintenance

We offer setups and other general maintenance on acoustic guitars, electric guitars, mandolins, banjos, and most stringed instruments. Front Porch Lutherie use the most precise tools and proven techniques to get your guitar into the best playing condition possible.

We understand that guitars sometimes settle in after a series of adjustments. Especially if it’s been awhile. So, to ensure your satisfaction we guarantee our setup adjustments for 2 full weeks. Just swing it back in and we’ll tweak it for free!

Fret Work

The condition of your frets can play a major role in how well your instrument sounds and plays. Frets that are diveted, uneven, loose, or lifting can cause intolerable fret buzz, or worse yet, strings to fret out. We can solve all of these issues by using up to date techniques and tools acurate to 0.0015″ per foot.

Nuts n’ Saddles

Front Porch lutherie Services can install a new nut or saddle in just about anything. Whether you just need a replacment, or you want to upgrade, we can handle it. We carry everything from pre-slotted plastic to “vintaged” bone and other exotic materials.

Acoustic Repairs & Modifications

We can handle most acoustic repairs and modifications from brace repair to pickup installs.

Custom Work

Leading professionals are always looking for a unique instrument to make their own distinct sound. We can help with custom modifications, pickguards and wiring. We can replace necks, handle tremolo installs and more. We are open to your ideas and we’ll help you make them happen.


Wiring is one of the more common services we provide. Whether you just need a jack replaced or your guitar needs a complete rewire, we can get it done at very competitive prices.